Previous Projects

Elmore has also worked on a range of other ground-breaking projects.

Independent Trauma Advisor (ITA)

Elmore was funded by the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) to support victims of exploitation and modern-day slavery, by developing an Independent Trauma Advisory Service. An initial pilot project saw some good results, and the project ran until the end of 2016/17.

The service supported victims of various forms of exploitation in Oxfordshire, including modern-day slavery, sexual exploitation, debt bondage and Cuckooing (someone, often a drug dealer, taking over the home of a vulnerable person). The Independent Trauma Advisors (ITAs) looked at the overall needs of the victim to see how they could help them, whether this was with finances, housing, benefits, emotional support etc. The team also often attended exploitation police raids, so that the victims could receive support straight away whilst the police focused on the criminal investigation.

Working with people with anti-social behaviour (ASB)

Elmore’s ASB Team worked with anyone who was subject to Anti-Social Behaviour legislation, and who had mental health issues or was vulnerable in another way. This team worked across Oxfordshire. The ASB Team won The Guardian’s ‘The Full Picture Award’ in 2010 for itsinnovative approach to providing support alongside enforcement agencies.

Working with sex workers

Elmore completed a piece of work in partnership with Oxford’s Safer Communities Partnership. The first phase of this was to create a staff training course to promote effective support for sex workers which will be rolled out across the county. Elmore worked with local agencies to develop a support pathway for people who were sex working, and also created a safe sex handbook for workers.

Working with homeless people accessing A+E

Elmore completed a 6 month project funded by the Department of Health which sought to improve discharge routes for homeless people with complex and multiple needs. The project looked to reduce the number of homeless people being discharged to the street following treatment. The project was in partnership with Oxford City Council and Oxford University Hospital Trust.

Working with troubled families

The Community Parenting Project worked in partnership with a team from Children’s Social Care to support young families in crisis who were going through Child Protection processes. This project was recognised as an excellent example of partnership working in the Monroe Review of Child Protection (2011).

Working with offenders

Currently almost half of adult prisoners are re-convicted within a year of release and the first 48 hours after release are crucial in preventing this. Elmore’s Prison Team met people on their release to provide an intensive package of support to link people into local services.

Court Diversion

In 2012 and 2013 Elmore ran a Court Divert Pilot Project in Oxford. This post ensured that people’s mental health needs were recognised through signposting to appropriate assessment and support, to enable appropriate diversion from the Criminal Justice System.

Offenders and Communication Difficulties

In May 2014, Elmore started a new project funded by the Ministry of Justice. This project looked to design, test and deliver a variety of approaches to improve outcomes for offenders with communication difficulties by sourcing national and local evidence to determine the best tools/models. This project ran to March 2015.

Assertive Outreach Substance Misuse Team

Elmore was a subcontractor for drug and alcohol services across Oxfordshire in 2015 and 2016. Elmore provided Assertive Outreach Substance Misuse workers, who worked in conjunction with substance misuse workers to support complex clients engage with drug and alcohol services, and make positive change in their lives. This included clients with a dual diagnosis of substance misuse needs and mental health problems.

The Elmore Difference

Elmore Community Services (ECS) is a registered charity governed by a Board of Directors. It provides high quality services for marginalised and disenfranchised people throughout Oxfordshire. Elmore was established in 1989 after an Oxford research project identified the weaknesses of service provision for people deemed ‘difficult to place’.

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Client Involvement

We think that our services are better when they are shaped by the people who use them! Elmore values the expertise and experience that you have and is committed to making sure that clients are involved in guiding the way we work.

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